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To get started, you can check our Calendar for events which are offered by SHPE or by other organizations that are related with SHPE. SHPE’vents are exclusive events we do annually, and to know more about it, you can take a look into the SHPE’vents tab. We are glad you are here to check us out and we are looking forward to seeing you in our events either in-person or virtually.

If you are interested in joining SHPE as a whole, you can take a look at SHPE’s membership here. You don’t need this in order to be a SHPE member in our chapter, but you might not be able to attend some national SHPE events.

If you want to receive weekly newsletters about us, feel free to send a message to me (valente.arroyo@wisc.edu)! I will be more than glad to add to you to our roster.

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Big thanks to our sponsor! Their sponsorship have allowed us to increase the scope of our events, to reach out to a larger audience, and to support our old, current, and new members in new ways.